HTML Code Encryptor/Decryptor

Use Escape-Code Encryption to protect auction templates from casual theft or to prevent codes from being rewritten by code editors such as FrontPage, TurboLister, and eBay's input forms.

This tool generates javascript code, which may not run on all browsers.
This tool is not for circumventing eBay's coding restrictions.
Code encrypted by this tool can be decrypted by this tool - but other codes may not decrypt here.
This tool uses popup windows for the previews. In some cases the preview window may be behind this screen.
Encode HTML:
  1. Enter HTML in top window
  2. Click Encode and copy encrypted code from bottom window.
basic encoding    full encoding
  Decode HTML:
  1. Enter encrypted HTML in top window
  2. Click Decode and copy standard HTML from bottom window.
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